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Get your Possets here [Nov. 19th, 2011|07:49 am]
Community for the Appreciation of Possets Perfumes


Hi everyone, I would like to sell a few Possets things if anyone is interested. I am based in Australia so shipping is $5 international and $2 within Australia (imps only). All payments to be made in USD to paypal cherry_blossom301@hotmail.com. I will usually ship your item within 3 working days. 

Halloween 5ml Bottle - Back from last year, Halloween is one of the first unabashed outdoor autumn fragrances ever. Incensy, spicy, and manages to capture the width of a dimming blue October sky. Halloween reminded me of suddenly catching yourself thinking about what fun you will have and how the year went for you. This one is beautiful without being cloying and just hits the right notes about Halloween. Resinous, gourmand. $10 

Imps: These are all tested slightly and have varying fill levels of at least 3/4. All are $2 below unless otherwise indicated.

Sugar Puss - Sassy enough to grab all of the attention, clever enough to keep it. Sugarpuss is very very sweet but manages to maintain a sophistication and character which puts it squarely in the vanguard. Sugary, with a kiss of red jam and the smooth creamy note which Possets is so famous for.

Huile of Fortune - Seven carefully chosen ambers, put right with a bit of sage, a small amount of suave moss, and fern and a bit of vetiver which is handles with a deft and gentle hand. Dry but haunting, unisex and sure to gather you compliments. Very well mannered and suitable for either day or evening. A winner which I have worked very hard on and am quite proud of.

Lavender Pepys - There have been candies made with lavender in the past. Pastilles usually, but when you mix that clean and innocent smell with something devilish like marshmallow and other goodies, then you have a real sinful thing to enjoy after a long dry season of denial. Explore and indulge in this marvel of originality and divinely strange pairings. Even though this is sweet and delicious, it manages to keep a lightness and from veering too far into the foody territory.

Dark Lady - A bright, bitter, dry, chypre-type of a scent, void of sweetness but very beautiful. Lavender, neroli, moss, earth, clove, and a light touch of vetiver. Very refined.

The Girls Love Leather - Yes! The Girls have discovered the fun of leather, the smell of leather, the sensuality of leather. Leather and honey. Wow. Just Wow. This is not just any old leather, this is the superb stuff which you find in the church shops of Florence, dripping with honey from Malta. Just the apex of the apiary. Yummmmm. Not for the faint of heart, not for the pure of soul!

For my full sales thread including BPAL, Nocturne Alchemy, Vapothecary, Perfumatory and more, click here.